Monday, May 12, 2008

Jobs with Development Contractor

Hola readers,
Last week, the Society for International Development hosted its Annual Career Fair. Besides having the opportunity to talk to employers from different sectors of the international development arena, invitees had also the opportunity to see thoughtful presentations on the latests trends in International Development and the implication of such trends for jobs in the sector.

One presentation that i really enjoyed was by Tony Barclay, Chief Executive Officer of Development Alternatives Inc. He talked about the type of work contractors do and how it has change over the years. He also spend some time describing the set of skills needed to work with contractors and how the job market both on the demand and supply side is changing for those interested in entry level positions. Mr. Barclay agreed to share with the readers of this blog his presentation, which I'm sure some of you will find very useful. Find it HERE.

Stay tunned as more and more material will be available under the "4s" tab

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David said...

I couldn't find Mr. Tony Barclays speech. where you posted it.
I'm interested in reading it too.