Friday, May 09, 2008

Biotechnology News

EU Delays Decision on Whether to Let Europe's Farmers Plant 'Frankenfood' Crops
Author:James Kanter

Food Crisis: Political Will Needed for Scientific Solutions to Reach African Farmers
Source:African Science News Service
Author:Henry Neondo

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Sustainable Agriculture, Stewardship and Genetically Engineered Animals
Source:Genetic Engineering News

Bt corn in Spain—the performance of the EU's first GM crop
Source:Nature Biotechnology
Author:Manuel Gómez-Barbero, Julio Berbel & Emilio Rodríguez-Cerez

National Seminar on Bioethics in Indonesia
Source:Crop Biotech Update

Regulating Transcription Regulators for Second Generation Biotech Crops
Source:Crop Biotech Update

Scientists to Capture DNA of Trees Worldwide for Database
Source:Associated Press
Author:Deepti Hajela

Event Notification: International Conference on Grain Legumes
Source:Crop Biotech Update

Shortages Threaten Farmers' Key Tool: Fertilizer
Source:The New York Times
Author:Keith Bradsher and Andrew Matrin

Oilseed Rape Resistant to Sclerotinia
Source:Crop Biotech Update

IFPRI Hosts COP-MOP 4 Events
Source:Crop Biotech Update

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