Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Event: Assessing the Current Food Crisis

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For those of you in the Washington metropolitan area here is another timely event to discuss the current food crisis. Organized by UNA-USA's Council of Organizations and the American Public Health Association, and with speakers from USAID and WFP this presentation comes as the "quiet tsunami" continues throughout the developing world. For those attending, i suggest an earlier post on different articles on the subject and the comprehensive report put out by IFPRI on The World Food Situation.

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Event Info:
Assessing the Current Food Crisis
When: Tuesday April 29, 2008, 2:30-4:00 pm
Where: American Public Health Association 800 I Street NW Washington, DC

With food prices continuing to rise globally, and food supplies not able to meet demand, international attention has been brought to bear on the looming food crisis, yet no concrete long-term solutions have been put forth.

The World Food Program has made an urgent call for $500 million to stave off the worst of the food crisis, but continually points to a lack of resources to adequately address the problem. So how is WFP beginning to address the crisis, and what solutions are they proposing beyond an influx of funds? How is the US government responding to address the problem in the long-term, beyond the short-term financial request made by President Bush for release of $200 million in emergency aid? And what are some of the health and development implications of the food crisis? These questions and more will be discussed at this briefing hosted by UNA-USA's Council of Organizations and the American Public Health Association.

Featured Speakers:
Kenn Crossley, Deputy Director, US Relations Office, World Food Program
Jeffrey Borns, Director, Office of Food for Peace, US Agency for International Development
Donna Barry, Advocacy and Policy Manager, Partners in Health

RSVP to Jessica Hartl at jhartl@unausa.org or via 202-462-3446 x12.

Event updates can be found at www.unausa.org/councilcalendar.

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