Tuesday, October 31, 2006

EVENT: Agricultural Research -- A Growing Global Divide

Below is the info about another interesting panel taking place at IFPRI. The issue to be discussed will be investment in Agricultural Research and Development. With privatization, budgetary constrains, and decentralization, R&D has decreased enormously in the past decade. Although we have seem magnificent benefits such as the Green Revolution, Sub Saharan Africa, Central America, and other parts of the world are lagging behind in terms of yields, infrastructure, inputs markets, and commercialization. In these areas, public R&D must play an essential role in ensuring small and medium scale farmers are getting adequate information to become competitive. We already know that the returns on investments in Ag R&D are huge; now he need more political commitment from the local governments and the international donors. If you cannot make it to the event, check this article by Marc Cohen on R&D for Agriculture "Aid to Agriculture and Rural Development"

**** Panel Discussion****
Agricultural Research -- A Growing Global Divide

Nienke Beintema, IFPRI
Philip G. Pardey - University of Minnesota
Dana G. Dalrymple -- USAID
Isi A. Siddiqui -- CropLife America

Monday, 13 November, 2006
3:30 - 5:00 p.m.


Sustained, well-targeted, and effectively used investments in Research
and Development have reaped handsome rewards from improved agricultural
productivity and cheaper, higher quality foods and fibers. At the
beginning of a new millennium, the global patterns of investments in
agricultural R&D are changing in ways that may have profound
consequences for the structure of agriculture worldwide and the ability
of people in poor countries to feed themselves.

What are the key trends in agricultural R&D spending?

What are the implications of the changing trends in agricultural R&D

What are the developments in public and private sector investment in
agricultural R&D?

Please join us for a panel discussion based on the recently published
IFPRI Food Policy Report "Agricultural Research - A Growing Global
Divide." The report may be downloaded at

Nienke Beintema -- Head of the Agricultural Science and Technology
Indicators (ASTI) initiative, International Service for National
Agricultural Research Division, International Food Policy Research

Philip G. Pardey - Professor, Department of Applied Economics and
Director, International Science and Technology Practice and Policy
(InSTePP) Center, University of Minnesota, St. Paul

Dana G. Dalrymple -- Senior Research Advisor, Bureau of Economic
Agriculture and Trade, U.S. Agency for International Development

Isi A. Siddiqui -- Vice President for Science and Regulatory Affairs,
CropLife America

IFPRI is pleased to invite you to the following Panel Discussion, which
we will hold in our fourth floor conference facility located at 2033 K
Street, NW (entrance on 21st Street, between K and L Streets). Please
RSVP to Simone Hill Lee (s.hill-lee@cgiar.org; Tel: 202.862.8107).

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