Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gates Foundation Challenge: Small Farmers are the Answer

Today, Bill Gates announced a challenge: let’s help the world understand how helping small farmers in the developing world grow more and sell more is the solution to reducing hunger and poverty. 

Join the challenge! Use your creativity and imagination to help the world understand why investing in small farmers in the developing world is so important.

There are four ways to participate:
1.       Join the challenge – build a game; create an infographic, poster or video; share photos; or write a tweet.  If it rises to the top, Bill may blog or tweet about it!
2.       Blog about the challenge – repost Bill’s blog or write your own. Sample text is below.
3.       Tweet or retweet about the challenge.  Here are some ideas:
·         Share your ideas about how small farmers reduce #poverty and #hunger worldwide: http://gates.ly/smallfarmers
·         Bill Gates issues “Small Farmers Are the Answer” challenge: http://gates.ly/lErEpx #hunger #poverty
·         Use your creativity to show that small farmers are the solution to reducing #hunger and #poverty: http://gates.ly/smallfarmers
4.       Email – just forward this to your contacts to spread the word.