Monday, August 04, 2008

People for development

That's right, the cute pictures cost People Magazine $14m and all of it (as far as i know) is going towards development....or at least organizations that work on issues of international development, especially global health endeavors .

Through their very own Jolie-Pitt Foundations (no website), funds will be used to help organizations such as International Finance Facility for Immunization, UNITAID, Advance Market Commitments, Debt2Health, Product Red and others.

Putting aside the international debate over aid effectiveness, I think is great that Vivienne and Knox (the babies' names) will be contributing to the work of these organizations. More important though, this move is part of a larger trend in which traditional mechanisms for development are being replaced or complemented by the collaborative efforts of unlikely partners. The timing couldn't be better, the challenges posed by the food crisis need creative and exhaustive approaches. I hope to see more Brads and Jolies as well as Bills and Melindas, the little they can do will be appreciated by many.

PS. Keep watching Babel in your PC!