Saturday, November 24, 2007



Hi there,
When I don't have anything relevant to say (at least for now), I post pictures, and today I'm doing just that.

Corn, the best friend of many people around the world, has been under though criticizing lately. With the release of the new documentary King Corn and pointed denunciation from the environmental community about corn-based ethanol, farmers are left questioning what is it that they have done. This Washington Post article explains all the components of the debate.

Now some photos!. The picture on top is from last year at my community garden plot. The cob on it came from one of the few plants that survive a heavy storm. The other picture is from a Mayan market in Guatemala, the closest I've been to corn's origin in southern Mexico.

Purple Corn sold at the local market

Finally, the picture beneath was taken a couple months ago in Togo. The lady is making Pot, basically corn flour boiled on water and eaten with meat or vegetables.

And here, from a new flickr contact Andrea Dunlap, a baby King Corn from the mountains of Peru. Click Here to see the flickr Picture

Making Corn Pot

King Corn Preview

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