Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back in Washington

multicolored carrots

Hello faithful readers,
I’m very sorry it’s been so long since my last entry, but I haven’t, till now, find the energy to write a post. I gotta tell you that I had a lot of time in my hands, but I was in a no-agriculture mood, meaning no blogging. Now, as a wait for my computer to arrive, the energy came from somewhere, and it bothers me because I don’t know where. I’ve been waiting all mourning for the fricking UPS truck to arrive cause they didn’t give me any time estimate until I just fell asleep washing comedy central and CNN en espanol. All of the sudden, my new fancy unmanageable cell phone starts to vibrate in my pocket, thinking the guy on the other line is my dear friend from UPS waiting to tell me he is outside my doorstep, I rush to answer. “Hello??” no one was there. Ran outside, same traffic, not even one of the brown-awkward trucks you always see when not expecting a package. But then, I felt like writing. I try to call back whoever call me, but a answer machine reply. Not wasting any drop of this sudden energy stream, I turned on the computer ASAP, and here I am.

Ok, sorry for these nonsense and now let me tell you what’s been happening since I came back from Nicaragua two weeks ago.

First, pleasant weather. Sure, call it global warming but it is still pleasant here in the capital of the US and A (yes I finally saw Borat and laugh like I hadn’t done in a long time). I feel guilty for enjoying what will turn out to be a catastrophe for my grandsons and perhaps my sons and daughters. But coming out from the infernal heat of Managua, a not so drastic change in climate is sincerely appreciated.

A seven pound pile of mail, mostly rubbish, was waiting for me. It was neatly organized by my patient parents, who had manage to group the letters that seem important: verizon, American express, bank of America, geico, direct TV, t-mobile, and, say hi to the new member of payees, Fanny Mae. Yeah, although there is going to be prosecution to its top executives for their accounting creativity, that didn’t prevent them from sending me the first invoice to pay back my student loan. Back in school, I though they were grants won for my ethnic background, my exceptional need, and my surprising school performance. Well turns out they weren’t. But that ok, I hear of friends that came out of college with five digits loans, and my interest are not that bad. Yet, my group of payees is waiting for some immediate attention.

Attention that will probably be better attended with my new computer (if it comes) and a Quicken Software. That’s one of my new year resolution: to get better at personal finances. My old computer, the one that die in Nicaragua, will be sent to Dell for a out-of-guaranty maintenance…how cool is that. I think they realize that the same problem occurs in many of their computers so they felt sorry or something and will fix it for FREE!!. Sweet, two computer for my office.

Despite the carrots on the above pic, my lovely plot at the community is depressing. It feel weird because the weather is nice, like early fall, but all the plants are gone. They’re wilted, soggy, and brown, yet the sun is out an I feel comfortable wearing a shirt. But that’s ok. I think the ground needs a break. In the meantime I’m planning to bring more leave mulch to compost on top of the beds. I’m also getting from a nearby local stable some manure mix with straw to warm up the herb spiral and the celery…I been told some plant can survive the winter like that.

In terms of career I finally made the decision to wait until fall 08 to start a master program. I really like the field experience of Nicaragua, and more of it will create stronger foundations for a postgraduate study. In this regard I’ll be applying to a couple fellowships with international components. We’ll see.

So, in conclusion I’m happy to be back and share time with my family. Although there is one missing, their warm will keep me comfortable from the sure to come winter storms.

Write, email, comment. Is always good to know you’re out there.



“Me gusta ir con el verano muy lejospara volver donde mi madre (y padre) en inviernoy ver los perros (y gatos) que jamás me olvidarony los abrazos que me dan mis hermanos (nas),
me gusta, me gusta”

Facundo Cabral no soy de aqui

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