Thursday, September 07, 2006

Top Three Sites in Guatemala

Hello All,
Sorry it's been so long to write a post, but I've been very busy with my new job: I'm working with FAO on Special Programs in Food Security. My assigment is to analize the economics of School Gardens. These are being introduced as tools to combat food insecurity. Stay tunned, in the meantime check my three favorite places in Guatemala.

TOP 1 River Semuc Champey
(Picture on top)
This beautifull river is located in the Mountains of Alta Verapaz, about a hour from Coban. The river goes down on a cave while the lime-formed pools are filled with springs from the mountain. There are tours you can take from Coban.

TOP 2 Tikal
The most amazing of all the Mayan sites according to many, Tikal is an exellent place to expirience the beautifull pre-columbus building of the Mayas and a lush, rich in wildlife rain forest. In the picture to the left you can see the Ceiva tree, sacred to the Mayan, and one of the many temples of the city.

TOP 3 Lake Atitlan
And my last pic, Lake Atitlan is a unique lake surounded by two volcanos and mountains tops and rich in Mayan culture that you can find the the many towns that inhabit the lakes edges. Panajachel, the largest town, is very crowded filled with tourist and craft sellers. Take a bout to one of the smaller towns for some tranquility.


Kate said...

you forgot Rey Sol!!!! best veg. restaurant in central america....

miss you

Anonymous said...

tank u very muc i had to do a project.